Why Should I Use Tutor Pals?


Life is an opportunity, not an obligation. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is hard to absorb all the information given to us on a daily basis. This is especially true in today’s ever changing learning environment. Too much information can be overwhelming and often times stressful. With all the information given to people on a daily basis, there is barely anytime for learning comprehension in between a hectic school and adult life. Daily tests and quizzes, intimidating standardized tests, and less student engagement in the classroom is a problem.

At Tutor Pals, Illinois state certified teacher Mr. Saleh Jahedi has been privately tutoring for over 8 years. With a master’s degree in education and almost a decade of public and private school experience, Mr. Jahedi understands the daily challenges affecting both the child and adult student learner. Mr. Jahedi strives to bring one on one comfort to his all age pupils with any daily challenges or to simply get ahead. Mr. Jahedi believes that learning challenges comes from disengagement with classroom material, and also believes that one is never done learning. Through one on one coaching and individualized attention to his pupils, Mr. Jahedi has helped students maintain a solid GPA, pass standardized exams, pass courses, and most important of all, never give up.

Call Tutor Pals today at (630) 825-8808 or email us at salehjahedi1@gmail.com and see what we can do for you. Your first hour of tutoring is at no charge and there is no obligation to continue service. Make the call and reinvest in your future with a positive academic partner.