Frequently Asked Questions

All adults and children will eventually come across academic difficulties in school at various times. The goal of Tutor Pals is to slowly ease and encourage self-esteem and academic success wherever possible. One might ask, why should I use a tutor from Tutor Pals? Here is a great list of reasons:


We Develop A Relationship for Learning

Students of any grade level have a lot of work to do. They are learning reading, writing, and math skills. When students struggle to master these a skill, they can have difficulty grasping more challenging concepts, yet the school system will not typically offer additional support.
One teacher once stated, “These gaps become greater as children get older, but tutoring can support their ability to acquire comprehension skills and decypher concepts before the situation becomes too stressful,” says Charlene Andersson, an educator for eighteen years who tutors grade-school students in Valencia, Calif.


We Support One-on-One Learning

Overcrowded classrooms are another issue which often affect ability to learn. A class of thirty or more students by definition, can limit anyone’s ability to give students one-on-one time to explain concepts fully or to answer every child’s question. Children may also become embarrassed to keep asking questions if they are struggling. Tutor Pals gives you or your child the opportunity to take as much time as needed to understand the work in front of them.


Tutoring Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem
Tutor Pals will take time to get to know your child, creating a safe space for them to discuss issues that might be affecting their ability to learn. This can enhance their feelings of self-worth and esteem as well as bolster up their skills at school.
“Role playing can be especially beneficial for children who are experiencing upsets at school,” says Andersson. “This can help with social paralysis as well as learning paralysis.”


Helps With The Common Core Standards
In 2014, the national Common Core Standards will be implemented nationwide. Every state will have the same standard for learning and the focus will be on short answers and essays, not on multiple choice. This will require a lot of mental application, and we will be there to help with the transition.


Maintain Acquired Skills During the Summer
Tutoring can be beneficial during the summer months, if one has concerns that they will lose some of the ground they gained over the past year.


We Can Help You Survive Standardized Tests
Having a private tutor who is trained in test prep can really help a student perform up to his best.



We Eliminate the Parent-Child Homework Wars
Parents and students are busy people. Tutors can take the pressure off and add to the family’s quality of life while teaching kids to be responsible for their own work.
Most children can benefit from having someone focused on them who can support their learning and help them to understand and accept their own learning styles. Every kid is a rock star, even if they have areas where they feel challenged. A good tutor can help them to unlock the door to self-confidence, love of learning and self-acceptance, to boot.